Monday, February 9, 2009

Pr And The Hidden Secrets Of The Media

In this article I will be sharing with you with The Hidden Secrets of the Media so your press releases and contact with the media gets results and your valuable time and effort isn't wasted.

And with the new year just with us you might think that this was the wrong time of year to get great results from Public Relations. If so then welcome to hidden secret number 1.

The Media need you more than you need them.

Let me explain.

If England are doing well in the World Cup or something extraordinary is happening in the World like 9/11, the July 7 London Bombings etc then the chances are the media wont be interested in your press release regardless of how well it is written or what it says.

The good news for businesses like yours is that the media often find themselves (particularly during certain times of the year) with not enough newsworthy material in which to fill their air time, newspaper, magazine or website.

By remembering this and whenever possible tailoring your press activity to the quieter times you have a much higher chance of your PR activity being successful.

The 2nd secret is along the same lines as number 1 in that it focuses on when you should actually send your press release. Hidden secret number 2 is therefore. Timing is the key to success

Journalists can often receive hundreds of press releases a week so your goal when it comes to sending one is to make sure it arrives on their desk or in their inbox at the best possible time. To do this you should really attempt to do a little research on your target media and find out When do they go to press?

The media have space to fill and if it isn't then it is gone forever. In the world of media something is always better than nothing. Therefore by sending your releases just prior to deadline dates then you often have a much better chance of your release being used.

On this note you can also get some amazing advertising rates by finding out when they go to press and calling just before that time to see if you can help the publication by filling a space. Notice that you are actually helping them rather than them helping you. We have all had sales people on the phone trying to sell advertising space at amazing rates and how they are going to help you achieve fantastic results. Do not believe a word of it. You are helping them. Remember that they would rather get 100 pounds or dollars for an advert that they would normally charge 750 pounds or dollars for than have a blank space or advertise their own publication.

Also when it comes to timing you might like to know that press releases received by journalists on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings between 10 and 11am get the best results. Therefore try sending out releases by post on Mondays and by email so they arrive in journalists in boxes at these times.

If you remember these secrets when writing and submitting your press release your chances of success will increase and so could your profits.

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